A little about JaCol...

JaCol Publishing started in the summer of 2012, with the intent of publishing fiction and non-fiction journey books. Started by a writer in the industry, along with a business developer and entrepreneur, JaCol hit the ground running with four titles.

When JaCol initially set up the model, it was for life stories, both fiction and non-fiction. Whether they were contemporary or retro, we wanted the story of life as it evolved. However, what we quickly realized, well written material was far more important to our success than our niche.

We quickly retargeted our authors, looking for anyone who had a firm grasp on solid writing, and whether the genre was horror, romance, sci-fi, children's, mystery, and anything else, the emphasis has been on quality of work.

JaCol has additional services that may help you find us as your ideal publishing company. With competitive pricing and generous splits for authors, our position is to put you, the author in the best possible position to have your work displayed in valued bookstores. (There is no upfront fee.) Likewise, we offer, for a fee, editing services and critiquing, as well as, cover art illustration.

It is our business to help you with the side of writing that most authors prefer to not deal with, publishing. Our in house editor, also an author is driven to push for work, and if you are looking for motivation, he's great about motivating our writers.