Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does JaCol accept first time authors?


Q: Will JaCol accept manuscripts already submitted and under consideration of other publishers?

A: YES, as long as your other contact allows for it.

Q: Will I be expected to sign a legal Publisher contract?

A: YES, we are looking to establish long term relationships with our authors, will consider multiple works and expect to have some brand loyalty. We want a partnership, not just a single print and go.

Q: Will JaCol help market my materials (website, social networks, book stores, book signings, etc)?

A: YES, we work together to establish a cost effective and equitable marketing plan. Your network of buyers is a key to your success so we expect each writer will do secondary marketing through their own social network. This is where you ask your family and friends (you know, the ones who always rave about your writing) to support your work.