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JaCol Publishing started in the summer of 2012, with the intent of publishing fiction and non-fiction journey books. Started by a writer in the industry, along with a business developer and entrepreneur, JaCol hit the ground running with four more

The "Conversations" book series

The "Conversations" series ( books I, II, III) ~ As a writer, I have conversed back and forth with myself for most my life. In fiction, those conversations are played out amongst characters who are mere players in my imagination. However, Conversations is a book about my conversations with me, the real me, the person who speaks to you. It is the quest to find the answers I may never know, but which plague us all, all the time, every day. Whether it is my recollection of love lost, or the panic of my child's first injury, Conversations is real. I hope you will find that voice in my writing that speaks to you, and that you will find peace in it. read more

JaCol submissions and inquiries

Submissions and inquiries ~ JaCol is happy to look at any serious writer's work and will give a brief on your submissions. We know the writing experience and certainly a published work can be a very personal thing for authors and hence, take great care to ensure the authors we represent not only align with our strategic business model, but also appeal to the audience we intend to reach. read more