JaCol submissions and inquiries

Submissions and inquiries ~ JaCol is happy to look at any serious writer's work and will give a brief on your submissions. We know the writing experience and certainly a published work can be a very personal thing for authors and hence, take great care to ensure the authors we represent not only align with our strategic business model, but also appeal to the audience we intend to reach.

We accept manuscripts in electronic and snail mail format.

Each submission should include the following criteria to be accepted for consideration:

1) A brief synopsis (approximately one paragraph) of the piece you are submitting

2) A cover letter detailing your expertise and why your work should be considered (this is your chance to brag a little about your credentials, market yourself for consideration)

3) Manuscript in the following format: MS Word, 12 pt. font, Double spaced, Standard font (no cursive)

4)If you snail mail a manuscript, a SASE is required to return our brief of the work

JaCol isn't for everyone, we aren't looking for the writer who wants to publish the story he/she wrote that the family said was so good, and after that, wants to check off their bucket list. We are looking for producers of work. We are willing to take first time authors, and we are willing to look at multiple submissions from a single author