Rina Marie

Rina Marie RickettsAfter stating emphatically for years she would NEVER have children, Rina Marie is now a homeschooling mother of eight. She lives with her children and abnormally tolerant husband on a small farm in rural Kentucky with goats, cows, horses, chickens, ducks, and two hateful geese she refuses to part with.

Her interests include photography, painting, reading and riding horses. She’s much less interested in cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry and according to her five year old, her most unusual morning ritual is getting out of bed then getting right back into it again.

She keeps a blog at blog.rinamarie.com chronicling her life and her family’s adventures where you can read more about vaginally challenged livestock, excessively creative children, and find recipes for delectable meals like pancake soup, rice with spaghetti sauce, and exploding cheesecake.