Writers World Boot Camp

Boot camp is a six month online ‘camp’, hosted by Randall Andrews, that strengthens your writing abilities. After a quick introduction, we go into several lessons and small exercises on finding out what your understanding of sentence structure is (use of commas, parts of speech, etc.)

The second part is how to emote. The most misunderstood part of writing is how to make your narrative show an emotional connection rather than just telling the reader what is happening.

The third part is about plot and storylines. What’s important to carry the story and how to properly create tension, plot points and a denouement.

In the fourth and final stage of the lessons and exercise part of bootcamp, we get into the psychology of writing daily. How we can maintain good discipline and not become overwhelmed with the task. Finally, we write 1k a day/five days a week toward our manuscripts. I’ll cheerlead and try to keep you going, but hopefully, the lessons have secured your ability to get there.

Cost: $50.00/month — paid monthly with no penalty for dropping.

For more information, questions, or signups contact Randall Andrews at randalla3@yahoo.com or visit him on Facebook:Writers World or Randall Andrews Editing Services