Writers World Boot Camp

The Writers World Boot Camp is a seven to eight-month course, hosted by Randall Andrews, designed to polish writers of any skill level. Whether you are just beginning or have been writing for years, this boot camp will provide valuable lessons, experiences, and instructions to help you develop your book. By the end of Boot Camp, you will have a finished manuscript ready for editing and publication. If the novel is of high enough quality, he may extend the offer of a contract through JaCol Publishing at the end of the class.

Boot camp is broken up into three sections: • Lessons and Exercises • Writing • Rewrites. 

During each segment, you will work with your peers in the camp to develop your ideas and stories as well as working with Randall and his staff, who will guide you as you write your novel.

Cost: $50.00/month — paid monthly with no penalty for dropping.

For more information, questions, or signups contact Randall Andrews at randalla3@yahoo.com or visit him on Facebook:Writers World or Randall Andrews Editing Services