JaCol is an independent publisher that caters to well crafted manuscripts that have hired our editor for creative and technical editing. All manuscripts are reviewed for criteria we find to be key qualities in books we are willing to publish. Every book will go through our strict editing process.

All inquiries should be submitted with the opening three chapters of work for consideration. We are open to all genres, and we do not have sole submission requirements. Our goal is to offer help and editing with your work to meet the standards for JaCol.

All submissions should be in 12 font, Times Roman, Ariel, Calibri, or Sylfaen, double spaced, in word format.

After receiving your manuscript, and having communicated with you about your editing desires, we will let you know if your book is material we would consider for publication. Do not be discouraged if your book is not accepted, we are small and determined to put out books we feel fit into our mission statement, and for that reason, we only produce a limited number of books per year.

We are very interested in reviewing your manuscript. Please feel free to contact us anytime to talk to discuss the basics of your book to determine if we can work together.

If you’re ready to submit your manuscript, please do so below.

Submit Your Manuscript

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